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Sunday, March 6, 2011

U-KISS in Medan, Indonesia

Hello Kiss Mes.. Yesterday ( 5 / 3 / 2011 ) might be the last performance U-KISS with former member's Alexander. As you know, Kibum didn't join them. And I have lot of updates about them at Medan. All those tweet make have very mixed feel like happy, touched, angry, jealous (of course ^^) and so on.. And very touched my heart when KMs update that our Xander cried while he gave speech & say goodbye to them until my tears falling down..

Here I shared some of video's from KMs Indo.. Thanks for sharing KMs Indo!
Credits goes to very own of owner, not me!

1) U-KISS at Incheon Airport ( Xander's focused )

2) Kevin's focused at Incheon Airport

Also KMs Indo had so much picture's update from the boys at Medan but sorry I can't uploaded it here coz it's too many picture. Well, you guys can check it through Twitter or Facebook or maybe at Google also. I had very limited time to uploaded it. Sorry again but I gonna shared with you bout what the boys do at Medan & also the video..

3) U-KISS at Medan's showcase

When the fansigning held, some KMs goes to Xander for a sign.
She said, "Hi Xander-kong Xander: (on the verge of tears) She: "Oh no, be strong!" Xander: (smiled weakly)"
After that, it her friends turn to have Xander sign. She said, "Welcome to Indonesia! Xander: (tears falling down) She: T~T"

4) KMs Indo celebrates Soohyun & Eli's birthday

U-KISS sang 6 song.

5) Xander give a goodbye's speech & also he say that he couldn't make to Jakarta but at least in Medan. He ask to KMs always support U-KISS no matter what. Xander cry at Kiseop's shoulder. U-KISS give Xander a big warm hug to him.

"I will never choose to leave you guys but I really love you guys" - Alexander

KMs Indo keep calling Kibum's name. I wish Kibum was there with the others member.
Xander said, "don't laugh because I know now I looked very horrible" LOL Xander ^^

When they sing "Talk to me" & "End of the road", Kevin sing Kibum's line.
Kevin cry when the "End of the road" end & he turn's back to wipe his tears..

Remember Kibum's line - "How could you leave me and didn't say goodbye to me?"
I don't remember what show is it when he say that & I think he say it to Kevin..

More video, please click here! & here!

According to Uncle A, "a friend of mine told me that he cannot tweet now due to their company's instruction but will return very shortly in due time (coughs **)"

"an encouraging message to my friend ~ waiting anxiously for your return shortly w/ perfect shape:) "

"the msg is not only to my friend but also to anyONE facing same situation Ok? remember ~ HOPE! (he'll take 5pm flight depart for KL) coughs*"

"I admired you Xander, not becuz you are my son, but as a person ~ as who you are! #HugsXander"

Auntie Chungmi tweet, "^^♥ Well done my son~! I am so proud of you!! Let's go!! Jump & Fly~!!! and return to your precious & lovely fans with better shape~!!"

And my tweets to our beloved Xander oppa is here (few days before the showcase) & here (after the showcase) And here tweet from @gracesiwon23 for @koreanupdate

According to KMs Indo, Kevin cried alot after Xander give his speech & also Soohyun & baby Dongho. All of them in tears. Some said Eli's eyes was red when they perform Man Man Ha Ni. Eli hug Alexander & said to KMs "We love u Alexander"

6) Xander shows his abs~ LOL

*taken by @wi_in_yap at twitter

Credit goes to : tienary, iamteeya, onmyownmind, @asterong92 , @koreansplash, @AnthonyEusebio, @Chungmi & others. Thanks for sharing.. View my Twitter to know what they update & I RT it that related to Xander's crying.. Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. You're welcome.. Invite your friends to visit my blog.. Feel free, follow me ok!

  3. thank you for sharing this to us kiss me's!! ^_^)

  4. You're welcome.. We are family right? Of course I will shared with you guys..

  5. Thanks for giving credit ^ ^

    I cried to death both in fanmeet & showcase.

    Our Original U-KISS: ALEXANDER, Soohyun, KIBUM, Kiseop, Eli, Kevin, and Dongho.

  6. oh,, i can't believe i'm crying here!! xander is my fave member and i don't want to see him sad,,,

  7. @astreong92 Thanks again for giving us live update.. ^^

    @justy : he's my fave mamber too other than Kevin..

    Invite your friends to visit my blog! Thank you!! ^^

  8. Hey Fatin my madu! I'm sure you know who I am. Hehe. Btw, thanks for sharing this videos. To tell you the truth, I cried a lot for THIS. Kibum, Xander, UKISS fighting!

  9. Hey madu! Of course I know you.. Don't cry honey.. We can do it! U-KISS now is 9 not 5 or even 7.. We are happy BIG family right? :)


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