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Monday, January 31, 2011

Chunji Teen Top!! >,< He's cute!!

Hello KissMes & K-popers.. For Muslims, ASSALAMUALAIKUM!! >,<
This time, I want to share some pics of TEEN TOP Chunji..
After Teen Top released their single titled "Supa Luv" I've been seeing this cute guy..
I don't know he's cute too..
Here, I gave you all some of his pic..

♥Chunji :
Real Name: Lee Chan Hee
Birthday: 1993.10.05
Age: 16
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 53kg
Hobbies: Puzzles, reading
Speciality: Imitations
Education: Seongji Middle School, 2nd grade
'Power Voice'♥

KissMes, take a look! He's look likes our Angelic KEVIN!!
I know some KissMes will be mad at me because compare him & our Kevin
but trust me.. I won't be betrayed to U-KISS..
U-KISS still no.1 in my heart! Don't worry... >,<

But seriously, he's look like Kevin in this pic..

Other shot from Supa Luv MV..
Really like him!!

Even he dressed like a girl, he's still looks cute right?
Teen Top fans, did you all really love him?
No wonder you love him because he's too cute!!

p/s : I don't know what Teen Top fans club name..
Mianhe... :)

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  1. yongneia01vioelf : sebab itu saya suka mereka :)

  2. ah, tau show yang si chunji jadi cewe itu ? aku andromeda baru ^^ (nama fans teen top)

  3. sayuri16onkey : maaf, saya tidak tahu akan show itu.. Saya akan cari apabila saya sudah tahu, ok!

  4. Far-Ra Aina : Yang Kevin look-a-like tu ke? Nice2!!

  5. most of the korean celebrity i loved....chunji cutest face,neil,l joe, cap,ricky,chan jo..U KISS...INFINITE esp HOYA.....thanx fatin qursiah....from me halijah han(fb)

  6. fatinqursiah, didn't you watch teen top departure from KLIA at 24.9.2011 made by chuileng?(fanmade video) i saw chunji crying on his way back........made my heart broken in pieces.......pliz comments dearie teen top fanz....ANDROMEDA.....from me halijah han,pliz add me on face book)

  7. Halijah Han : I didn't find ur fb.. Will u add me first?


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